Below are our most frequently asked questions. If you do not find the answer that you're looking for, feel free to contact us from the "Email Us" page.


Currently we ship to the US & Canada. We offer Flat-Rate shipping on all US orders. Only $25 to anywhere in the United States. We also offer Express Shipping with prices calculated on a case by case & location by location basis. 


As this a custom product, designed after each order is placed, inspected before leaving our warehouse, there are no refunds or exchanges at this time.  


…the collections

Even as you buy from the collection of your choice, remember that no two crowns are exactly alike. Most of our designs are customized and takes 2-3 weeks for your orders to leave our studio.

…the pre-orders

Shipping updates will be provided after pre-orders have ended. Allow up to 4-6 weeks for custom orders to leave our studio.


Properly storing, cleaning, & drying can extend the life of your hat. Below are some of our best practices to keep your crown looking epic.

Brim care
Hats with brims turned down should always be stored upside down. This takes pressure off the brim by placing the hat on its crown, thus maintaining its form.

Crown care
How you handle the top of your crown can lead to changes in the  shape. So, make it your business to remove your hat by putting it on and taking it off with both your hands on the brim.

Drying your hat
If your hat gets wet, store it in a dry place on it's crown (top of the hat). Your hat will dry by itself. Never force it by drying your hat with artificial heat. Let it happen naturally. Hair dryers, radiators, and other sources of high heat may shrink or alter your hat.