Around here it's never just a hat. It's custom. It's creative. 

I made a promise to God that I would use everything he gave me. And since I love God. And I love hats. It's just an outward expression of his gift.

In our minds it is the modern crown fit for kings & queens to rule with confidence & creativity. And for us these are not just words. It's a lifestyle.

Because we just love seeing people's responses and hearing their stories. And it's always going to fall back to the root of who we are ~ we get to share Jesus with fashion and that's the greatest gift ever. 

1820 Hats is for your resilience. A dynamic reminder that you can still rise and hold on to your shine. It's wisdom. It's freedom. It's a community of warriors who understand that when

"two or more are gathered together in His name {MATT 18:20}."

then, God, His Spirit, and all that power is in the midst, available to you and ready for your good.

Now, wrap your mind around that.

And welcome to 1820HATS, the home of Empowerment Apparel ~ Kristen Kinder