because you are diamond strong

With Australian wool fedoras as the canvas, we create a modern crown fit for kings & queens to rule with confidence & creativity. 1820 hats embraces freedom and empowerment. A stylish collection for both men & women. It's a custom-look. It's hand crafted. It's personal. In one final word ~ it's wisdom.

because your river runs deep
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Blossom Collection

because your bloom is your life

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"Shout out to 1820 hats for this hat! I'm going to hat it up!

Tanisha Thomas
Reality TV Star, Bad Girls Club

If you don't know about these?! First of all, how fly is this? 1820 hats is unique design, and it's all about us. Bottom-line.

Rodney Perry
Comedian Extraordinare

You need to go to 1820 on instagram and order you one of these lovely hats ~ with paint and feathers. I love it, honey! Just love it! Thank you, boo

Gary with da tea
Ricky Smiley Morning Show

1820 HATS

...your crown awaits